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Naughty Schoolgirl

Hello there Mr. Smith my name is Candise but you can call me Candy. Well that’s what Daddy and Mommy call me anyway. I’m a little old to be calling them that, but I like to. Mr. Smith do come inside the house and have a seat.

The school has notified my parents that you will be coming over daily to give me some after-hour tutoring. You have been highly recommended by the board as a safe, efficient and respectable man. As a qualified teacher my Mommy and Daddy are more than happy to leave me in your care. Mr. Smith I am aware that I have been such a bad girl at school and detention was just - not sufficient.

The after-hours tutor caught me behind the bike shed with three boys when I should have been walking home. I just wanted to take a look at them, sneak a quick peek and play with their snakes. I’ve heard so any rumors at school - that down there – they are called all sort of interesting things ,- and I was so curious too find out more , The latest saying is, purple headed custard chuckers, I love custard and cream.

Was it such a bad thing to do Mr. Smith ? Tasting all those lollipops and snakes after school. They all wanted me to taste them and my tongue was licking so fast—my mouth was full as they all tried to feed me their snakes at the same time. My lips were so stretched and my cheeks so full. The delicious creamy stuff exploded from the swollen soft heads and dribble all over my chin, covering my ripe pink pouting lips and onto my cute white cotton blouse – it ran down my cleavage and onto my full bodied barley covered titties. My little Davao City escort bow-tied tight top hardly covers my expanding bosom and all the boys tried to help, rubbing their hands all over me, trying to clean me up.

Those boys really like me at school and there wickedly wonderful delicious juice just squirted everywhere , (giggle-giggle), all over my face and deep down my throat. All three of those boys were trying to splash there deserts into my mouth- and at the same time too ! I so wanted to taste all there scents and flavors. It was fun I was giggling and laughing, It was so yummy.

I am not quite sure why I am a naughty school but I am sure you are going to show me why Sir? “Mr Smith” It’s just that I am coming of age now and my boobies are heavy and full, swelling and firm, my white tiny sports bra can barley contain my expanding assets. Look ! My large breasts just ooze over the sides as there is such minimal material. Here, let me take your hand and let you see how ripe and big I’m getting. Ufgh! That’s nice. Squeeze them just a little.

I am growing so fast Sir, my long striking red hair, starling green eyes and athletic figure making me quite a catch at the school and especially with my height at 5’8,- look at my short checked skirt, black and white with the black trim I do like the bright white socks and slight heel on my black school shoes as well, I feel sexy- I love teasing the boys, bending over to show off my juicy snatch my soft plush lips eagerly nuzzling against the frilly material of my cute panties. A lot of the boys at school like to play with the girls and us with the boys in return, as I am too old to play with my dolly’s now- as you can see.

Mr. Smith my pussycat is always tingling and wanting to be petted. I have developed into quite a tasty young teenager don’t you think? Mr. Smith I pray you do not mind too much but can we please—please have our first lesson on sexual education. It just that I have heard funny noise s coming from Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom late at night - a buzzing and vibrating sounds. They seen to be talking in some kind of muffled secret code, something to do with gardening. The snake goes into the garden and gets lost in the bush, there lots of groaning and squealing trying to locate the evil beast.

Let’s go, come with me into the bedroom and have a look in the drawer . Maybe you can help explain the phenomena. Oh Mr. Smith - Mr. Smith there they all are green-snakes, blue-snakes, red-snakes plastic - clear snakes and skin colored ones as well, Why there are so many to choose from. My parents have such neat toys don’t you think.

Mommy and daddy share all their toys with their friends when they have guests visiting and because you are so nice to me Mr. Smith I want to share them with you. Here let’s play with this one. It’s my mothers. I’m sure she will not mind. Let’s put it back in its hiding place when we are finished. Thank you so much sir for allowing me this naughty lesson. This is definitely our little secret “hehe”

It looks amusing doesn’t it. Let’s just push this button here. Wow that buzzing sound it so cool. I feel like giggling when it tickles my hand. Look at it vibrating and wriggling around shaking it body I just love the way it feels. It’s a bad evil snake Mr. Smith. I must tell you a tale—actually I have been playing with Mommy and Daddies toys for a while now, I was just too shy to tell anyone. The way it’s moving and humming reminds me of when I used to get a feather and tickle my tummy running the softness all over my body. Sometimes I’d run it across my swelling breasts and nipples and it felt so good. They would get very hard and stick out.

It also reminds me of the boys at school. Sometimes I let them touch or kiss me—down there—you know where I mean. See, I’ll just bend over a little, like this—and my skirt rides up right over my soft round bottom. The boys like that and I like being touched by their soft as silk lips- tongues darting about in and out!

HMMMMM, Just like I may let you touch me.

When I am alone I like to fantasize that I have an audience, like in the classroom. I get all my old toys out of the closet; Teddy, Skippy, Barbie, Ken—all of them. I set them all up in a big circle on the bed and I lift my dress up - just like this, all the way to my waist- Can you see my belly button? I remove my clean crisp panties so I am completely naked down there and then I perform a little show for my toy friends. They are very observant and do not miss a trick.

I want you to watch now Mr. Smith. I know you want to. I have seen you spying on me as I run past your class room in the school yard, you watch me doing jumping jacks in my sports gear - those tiny shorts and half cut tops- it’s so hot doing physical actives. You are naughty Sir you always rush outside when I jog by. I know you like trying to catch glimpses of my cute little bum in green shorty’s . Take a seat over here Mr. Smith on this big lounge chair opposite the bed.

If you like please join in and do bring your chair closers so you can have a good view. Can we now try this big snakey thingy - look its squiggling past my sock and all the way up my leg, over my knees and along my young firm legs and naturally toned muscles of a young girl to the top of my pussy-cat. And do you know what’s inside the pussy-cat don’t you Mr. Smith? Its tongue, pink protruding and warm—have you ever seen a girls pink bits and felt how soft it is? Let me take your finger and slide it inside. Oh look Mr. Smith, they have vanished – your fingers have been swallowed up into my throbbing flesh – OH MY—what’s the other finger doing sliding over up my firm white bum and into my— OHHHH, you pushed it into my poop hole Mr. Smith. Ugh, it’s sooo tight and full. It hurts a little—but in a good way. Move it around a little, mmmm, that’s better. Now I can feel both your fingers inside me. Rub them together please, ohhh- mmmm, that feels neat two fingers touching each other internally. Yum!

Mommy’s toy felt nice, purring up there but you feel very good. Do you like what you are doing to me? I bet you do Sir. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that we are playing with my pussy. It will be just our secret. Ooooh, it does feel so good to have both fingers deep in me.

Correct me if I am wrong sir- at any time as I am not up to date on the female genitalia. I noticed it flushes a deep red when I gush—I watch all the juices leak from my delicate sensitized hole. It just runs straight down my leg and they are very tasty in my mouth, when I go to lick my finger clean. The big dressing room mirror at the side of the bed gives me a great view as well of my little cunny bunny. Maybe later I can lick your fingers clean

What do you think of my tight curly thatch of hair just perfect trim and pretty sitting atop my “Mound of Venus.”—that’s what the boys at school tell me, that I am a goddess of pleasure - how cute- they spoil me. When I pull my pussy lips right apart I see my vulva, I then pull this little hood back right here to find my clitoris, Is that the correct button Sir? Right here? This small pointy tip - it looks just like a little diddle. I massage it while the boys watch—sometimes I let them fiddle with it. I writhe all over when we play with it, just like when I’m on my bed with Mommy’s toy.

It feels so good but I don’t understand why I am so wet—can you explain it to me Sir? Will you take your finger out and push that buzzing toy into me Mr. Smith and let’s see what happens. Golly gosh that feel so good - push it into my quivering seashell deep and slow- oh and thank you so much - down there and move it just over here – and there just for a little while longer - I so want to feel it brushing my clitoris…my diddle, backwards and forwards in and out—Ooohh!—up-and down. Yes! I am just getting so moist – with the toy sliding in and out of me. Now take that toy over there the one will the prickly spikes and rub it against my spouting tulips - I will rub my breasts and my clitty. Do you like this explicit dance I am doing just for you in the privacy of my parent’s bedroom?

I am a naughty school girl aren’t I after all? No one will ever know our little secret Mr. Smith Purrrrrr, Would you like to put a real hot live snake in me one day Sir? I won’t tell my girlfriends and the toys would never say a word. There, There Mr. Smith this must be so torturous for you having so many young ladies to educate and after school hours as wells. Please slide the next toy in for me white I rub my sweet little luvbud. Maybe you would be so kind as to bring you mouth close to my slit as I could really use some of your saliva on my quivering button to keep me wet and well lubricated. Now slide this toy in, Oops that’s Ken’s head (giggle) - Mr. Smith you silly teacher—Ooohh—but but I like it.

Oh my- Oh no – Yesssss- No one will know, go on slide him in all the way in there and ever so slowly, hold him there just like that Ummmmmm. That feels so good. The way you are jiggling him around in there - it feels – wonderful- Is Ken eating my cream and drinking my love juice and lapping at my flavors. Yummy. Now take another toy that red jelly butt plug over there- Hold it tightly Hmmmm- Quickly side it in and out . Did you hear that noise - I think I hear a shuffling at the door - maybe my Parents are home early. Quick, Slowly- a little faster- Oh- Yes -Yes -Yes, Take - take that clear plastic one there and slide it up my bottom, Yes that’s it- all the way up my glorious young white ass and into my poopy hole. Ohhhhh yessssss yessssss yesssssss Sir !!!

Thank you for helping me today with sexual education, you are so much fun to study with and such a good, kind, nice teacher -Oh Yes indeed- in and out and both of my holes are vibrating - and at the same time to- I can feel them inside of me, you are an expert at playing with Mommies toys Mr. Smith, Oh my its -sooo – good. Oh my I am going to gush . Oh- I’m- I’m – hear- I’m yes yes Oh – ahhhhhh—YES! Oh my!!. That was so kind of you. Do you see how much I like to share myself around at school? I am so in demand. Next time when you come over Sir I want you to take your pants off. I want you to turn over and spread your legs so I can show you exactly what Barbie does to Ken with my Mommy and Daddies toys. “Hehe”

Nymphomaniac Nurse Nancy

I Hope you enjoy reading this. Actually… anyone who has been to visit me knows this is steamy action straight from the bedroom itself, Oh yesSss - Try listening in audio - HOT !

Hi my name is Nancy and I want you to know I am wet, willing and waiting to take care of all your needs. I am a very mischievous nurse and I have been instructed by the good doctor to make sure all the patients who visit me here at the private clinic are very well look after. I love being a nurse and customer care is my highest priority.

When I greet you I will be wearing shortest of nurses uniforms, the red trim of hem hanging just below my buxom buttocks, Oh my – my crisp clean white nurses outfit tightly hugs my big well rounded DD breasts and snuggles in just perfectly to my tiny size 8 waist. I like wearing my outfit very short so the doctor and the patients can peep up my smock to glimpse my underwear. This keeps them all happily occupied and me amused for hours as I tease them. I lean down and give them flashes of my titties too.

The good doc loves to take advantage of me and do naughty things to me in the medical cabinet room – that’s when he can take the time out of his busy schedule. He is quite demanding. Sometimes as we walk down the hall, he just grabs me, shoving me up against the wall, lifting my smock and shoving his hard thermometer deep into me for a good (rogering )and tongue fucking. He kisses my neck and bites my big titties as he slides his ticklish beard down and in between my wet slit making my snatch gush all over his pointy nose darting into my pink bits as he make me giggle, He pulls on my waist length pony tail for support as he vigorously give me a quick ass licking from behind when I was withb Cebu City escort. He is such a devious and dirty doctor. He gropes my tits or slides a hand up onto my ass right in front of all the patients to. Everyone stares as he pokes a finger deep into my cunt and slides it back and forth making me moan. It’s embarrassing and exciting all at the same time.

Will you come a visit me here please at the clinic, I would like you as my private patient I hope you cock is stiffing and dripping with sexy man-juice for me I want your cock swelling and straining on the confines of your garment at all times whilst you are in my care. I want you to dream about all the dirty nasty things I am going to do with you. Whenever I see you I will reach down and give you a squeeze, promises of things to come.

Now the good Doctor travels a lot and I have to amuse myself if you know what I mean when he is away. When he is gone and I am all alone on the night shift I like to go and check on all the male patients. I will tell you why they like me here on the nightshift. First, I have some business to attend to at my station. I will just take a seat for a short while to relax and pamper myself. I spread my lovely dreamy white legs wide apart for you, my fishnets are tickling my legs as the lace band only come up to the top of my lean thighs, I am quite short, standing at five foot two so that gives me a perfect advantage to service all my patients and with minimal discomfort. Before I start my shift I give my little crumpet a quick twist, right here and under this big old white desk. I may turn on the microphone at my station and give everyone a verbal show. I want them to hear as I talk dirty and play with myself right here at work to kill the long hours away.

Next, it’s time to make my rounds. I know just what you want and I know how to give it to you. If you were my patient I would take you into the cubicle and get you to remove all your clothes immediately. The shower could wait till later as I have an urgent need to inspect the affected area. I would ask you to lie down on the hospital bed while I draw the curtains.

Taking the stethoscope I would check your heart beat, while gently nibbling on your nipples, my teeth and tongue flicking over them making them hard. I am a very naughty nurse. Once I have given you the all clear I will then proceed to check the lower region. I would take your manhood in my hand at once – and suggest that you try and relax as this checkup will be very through indeed. I can see the pre-cum glistening on your cock as I start to massage it away, but really I am just itching to taste that delicious tear drop and squeeze every last bead of juice out between that deep slit in your cock. My fingers slide down your shaft to its base and I squeeze. You are sooo big! Feel my hot breath on your man-meat, mmmm you taste yummy I could just suck you off all day - here behind the flimsy curtain.

I take my tongue and slide it across the tip of your swollen dick before my lips spread open and I start to slide you into my mouth. Christ your cock is so big for me to get my mouth round - and your balls are so enormous - are they loaded with heavy come for my quivering cunt. Enjoy as I deep throat your cock taking in every last inch, in and out sliding and slippery - your dribble- your spunk, oozing dripping lightly down my throat as I ravishingly lick the length of your pole. I want to taste every last drop of your precious cum—its scents and flavor’s are coating every inch of mouth. You grab me by the hair holding me down, my mouth so full of you. You are deep-throating my face. I long to swallow every ounce of fluid you could give me but it is imperative that I give you full examination, so, finally, you release me and I reluctantly remove my mouth from your penis.

I would now insist that you turn over and place your bottom in the air with your legs straddled on the bed doggie style. Inspecting your anus looks to be quite tasty - as that chocolate star fish looks very inviting. Upon splashing some oil over your buttock and massaging them firmly to make sure you a comfortable for the internal milking I then proceed to circle your sensitive hole with KY jelly. Retrieving my latex glove from the cabinet next to the bed I slip the thin plastic on to my slender fingers and then gently I insert my pinky into your most delicate area checking to see that all is well. First the small finger, then a second one: two fingers. Now 3 fingers…can you take 4? I can tell by the moan emulating from your voice you are quite excited and you love the delicious things I am doing to you. I am fondling your balls while playing with your prostrate. I feel like fringing my cunny right at this moment.

Can you feel my tits, inside my sheer latex nurse outfit as I slide them back and forth across your ass and back. I can tell by the sounds of your moans what filthy things you would love to do to me if the tables were reversed. I am getting so excited hearing your panting breath. The patients tell me they would like to slide their hands up my latex covered thighs, past my mound of Venus, slowly savoring the moment. They want to slide their hands inside my bright red teddy to cuddle my jiggling breasts, squeezing and pinching them. The material of my teddy is so thin, more a lace covering, that has special little holes so my nipples can peak through and show the edges outlined on my white uniform. It’s all true you know. My boobies are that big and when I squeeze them playfully with my long red nails, they start throbbing and get real hard. My tittles swell and they get even bigger, enormous actually.

In and out deeper and deeper round and round my fingers probe exploring well inside your tight ass. It seems so dirty of us to be doing this. Maybe I will give you a little bed bath and soap up that inviting cherry ripe . I am sure you wouldn’t mind if I poked my in tongue deep inside as well - tasting that chocolate Belgium butt. Being a hygienic and safe nurse the necessary precautions would apply and I would love to surprise you with my glad cling delight, running my tongue all around that sensitive area and cleaning the creamy depth inside - licking – sucking - penetrating . I am a very thorough nurse.

I also have some other interesting objects I would like to insert up there. I could give it to you real good, I can plunge my toys in and out of your cute bottom. Maybe even put on my strap-on so I can give you a hard and fast fucking. I have such a huge collection here in my cabinet drawer; a blue penetrator that would produce the most lovely feelings. Sliding in and out, watching it, covered with a selection of KY jelly and baby oil and spit. That view would be most entertaining as I watch the thick liquid drip slimily down my toy onto my hand.

My clear instrument would deliver all together quite another sensation along with wobble red butt plug and other toys. Can you imagine me doing these naughty things to you? I retract my fingers and roll you over in to the sitting position before we have any untimely explosions. That’s quite enough bum exploring for now.

Unzipping my white shinny latex outfit, I step out of the flimsy garment. Reaching my hands behind my back, I skillfully unclip the clear plastic catch, my skimpy teddy falls to the floor. Now standing nearly naked before you, only my black fishnet stockings still on, I take your penis in my hand as I bend down and rub it’s tip across my hard, pink nipples—the feel of your knob, slipping over my sensitive luv- buds and in between my firm breast -its lovely and very rewarding and so horny see the excitement on your face. I put your ramrod hard shaft between my large fleshy boobs and squeeze, sliding you back and forth, tit-fucking me till you can barely stand it.

My clitoris is swollen and in urgent need of satisfaction too. With one hand, I slide the palm of my hand to my snatch and begin to insert my fingers, moving up and down the inside of my full vagina lips fondling the delicate pinkness deep inside my wet hole. I am always soaked through after attending to a patient.

I climb up onto the hospital bed and run the head of your hard cock across my swollen cunt lips, into the opening of my exposed sex, slipping my pussy along the line of your thigh. I so need to pleasure myself and get rid of some of my pent up frustration . Even as I slide down, engulfing you, your hands reaching up to grab my sensitive breasts and squeeze them till I scream, I feel our mutual explosions cum together, crashing waves of bone shuddering orgasm. I can feel a warm sticky release, a hot flush all of my sexual frustration is squirted on to you, gushing loads of love juice. Mmmmm, It drips down your leg splashing on your feet—you in turn come in bucket loads, rivers of spunk juice fill me and flow out down my legs that still straddle your cock. We both are filled with that moment of oneness and hold it as long as possible. Finally, you release my swollen breasts and I slide, slowly and sensually off you.

Having extracted the specimen the visit is now over. Mmmm and I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to choose this private facility for your check up. Good day Sir (Giggle Giggle).

Pump CLass with Tiger

Hello Tiger, are you there? This is Toria. I am phoning you to tell you my naughty tale. You can listen to this phone call as I tell you and tease you about what happy event occurred today. Well let me start by saying there is this hunky instructor at the gym – Ummm Hmmmm! I just want to fuck him SOoooo bad. I want to tell you all about all the things he did to me.

You know, he thinks I am so cute, and I have to admit I look pretty hot in my gym gear. Dressed in my black tight spandex pants you can imagine the shinny material going right up my slit, cunt cutters I’m sure the term is referred to, well thats what the girls say. My tiny white tank top compliments the gym bunny look. Big juicy brown nipples protrude exaggeratedly through the sheer fabric that would be enough to arouse any man. I am tall, about a hundred and seventy-one centimeters, I have got extremely long legs that look great in thigh-high boots they attract all together too much attention.

I am forever having to discourage men because so few appeal to me. I have mid length blonde curly hair and my breasts are a good well proportioned handful. They are very pleasant to look at and extremely firm. Can you Imagine your cock tiger rubbing my pert titties, sliding between them as I whisper these dirty things to you?

I want to tell you so many nasty things, I bet if you were at the gym you would eavesdrop on me and watch me flirting with other boys. Oh yes you would be hearing the perverted things I’m telling them. I’m becoming so wet between my thighs just telling you my dirty secrets. Let me finger my nipples—ohhh, I am lightly brushing them to keep them hard and stimulated , I imagine you sliding your cock up next to me and brushing it on my leg. It feels so damn good. I would like to masturbate myself, right there on the bench-press in front of the mirrors with all of those men crowding around watching me, waiting and lining up to taste and lick my most moist pussy.

I am going to put my finger on my clit right now, I just want to frigg my little cunny raw, thinking of your night stick dripping wet with my come, bulging and nasty for my pussy. If you were next to me you would not be able to stand it. You would fondle your balls rubbing them on my Spandex gym pants while admiring my well formed slender calves and legs. You would be so hot, you would be uncontrollable, like a criminal sex manic and squirt large globs of come over my tight fitting clothing.

Are your hands racking your balls right now for me tiger and massaging your cock. Can’t you tell I am in heat for that meat of yours, Come on now, let’s be naughty together while I talk to you .

I need to tell someone how much I want to suck and fuck all the guys at the gym. I want you to make me suck you, maybe while someone else fucks me in the ass, right in front of everyone. Mmmmm. Would you like that, would that be fun?

Anyway I was in the parking area outside the gym sitting in my car texting a girlfriend and after so long sitting there, I felt my knickers’ had gone up the crack of my sweaty bottom. I stood up and tugged gently on the g-string to release it from the sticky confines of my ass. It ran deep into my warm wet snatch too and I took the extra time to pull it ever so slowly out. Eventually I felt much more comfortable but now just a little horny.

Suddenly I felt a poke in the ribs and heard this voice say “What are you doing?” The way he said it he must have seen everything: he saw my long slender finger slip under my 3 quarter pants, deep below the waistband, between my legs and around, down my buttocks, to loosen the flimsy material tucked inside the musty dwelling . Can’t you smell me—I know he could by the grin slowly appearing on his face. I could smell my sticky juice on my fingertips as I raised my hand to my face in surprise. Mmmmm.

I noticed the way he drooled, looking at my glistening long gleaming cunny-smeared pink nails . My body is worth admiring baby, I am well toned with lovely long legs and luscious lips that beg to take your cock between them. I want to deep throat your swollen rod, I want your prick tickling the back of my throat, twirling my tongue over your manhood and compressing your dick-stick between my lips. Would you like me to do that to you, lick the length of your pole nibble on the edges while sucking your cockhead hungrily as well. Yum.

Anyway, back to my story. The gym instructor was in turn embarrassed and very keen big time to hang out with me. I could tell from the slight bulge in his pants…and I knew he wanted me to wrap my hand around his growing member, right then and there, take that prick and jerk it off until his libido’s content. You guys are sOooo easy to read.

Are you still there Tiger? You can hear my voice? Can you imagine my cunt, wet and creamy, squeezing your hard throbbing cock? Would you like me to rub your shaft? Get that big old thing out for me right here in the car park. Think of my hand between your legs as you hear my naughty words. If you are getting all worked up and the pressure is building in your cock head, masturbate with all that energy you have for me. I would love to help you out baby, but just pretend that I am there ,close your eyes and listen to my voice, can you see me gently sucking on your balls, licking the delicate skin beneath, stroking your cock - up and down - up and down, mmmm Good.

As for my instructor, I never had to ask why he was so intrigued with me, I knew damn well why he was here. He wanted to finger my pussy and stroke my legs all day long. That’s right, Tiger, he was after my hot little cunt! He just wanted to safely free all of his pent up load and splash his spunk juice all over my titties, Thats right, right here and now or maybe inside, in the gym dressing room and in front of all the other ladies, I am sure he would not mind an audience.

I’m sure I’ve seen him looking at me at the gym and he never appeared to really look at other girls. Besides he always made a point of asking how my training was going. He would always comment that I would do really well in the body-sculpting contests. He even said I would master the beautiful bum contests. Not professional, but lovely to hear. I have two hot, beautiful, firm and glorious peachy bum cheeks that any man would just dream of kissing slowly, or maybe giving me a little spanking if I was naughty, which I always am. Then, with your hand you could follow the deep smooth line of my bum right down my crack and slide between my legs to my dripping pussy cunt lips.

I liked him and the thought of him touching me—the way you are thinking of touching me right now, made me shiver. I gave him the line that I was interested in entering a body-building contest and needed his very personal, advice. He was at my place that night. Easy as that.

You know this guy is hot—a one-boy heat wave and I was intending to get sun-burnt. Within a minute of him arriving, we were in the bathroom and I was pulling his huge floppy member from his red silk boxer shorts which had fallen in a crumple heap onto the floor. Soon, we were in the shower. I couldn’t help myself—I was soaping that tough lean body of his and soon after, his rather impressive cock and balls. I didn’t mind good foreplay if it means a night of cunt draining orgasms!

It’s so hard to find a man who can keep up with my rampant appetites. I tell you, that feeling is beautiful. A cock that is slowly swelling, the smoothness of it, growing harder by the second. You rub the head - and along with the warmth of the water and the kissing—it’s magic. You can’t imagine how wonderful and heavy a semi-erect cock can feel. You see it growing, feel it stiffening, knowing that it is going to fill you almost to bursting. With well practiced efficiency I continued to massage his swollen cock and it certainly produced the desired effects. It is almost better than the sex itself, teasing and toying with it watching my fingers slip over his swollen skin. Fervently slipping my soapy hand all around the groin area, ecstatic swirls, coating his rampant cock with a slimly blanket of heavy moisture and bubbles.

But I couldn’t believe what happened next. I didn’t really want to let that cock out of my sight, but he said he wanted to soap my back and my bum. There’s not a girl alive who wouldn’t want that and I am always prepared to compromise. He started slowly working his way down my back whilst cooing in my ear about my skin, how he loved it’s smoothness and the soft olive tone. Music I tell you. His hands are a little rough from the weights but he was gentle - like a kitten’s tongue. But then he started rubbing and nuzzling my bum and soaping my crack. Interesting I thought. I knew full well that he loved my bum. And then “Bang”, it felt like I’d been tasered!!!

It was his tongue in my arse! No warning…just a rock-hard tongue tasting me! After I scraped myself off the ceiling I stuck my bum out and let him go to town. He rimmed and licked me like a demon. Then he went one better, oh my god, no-one has done this before—he really pulled my cheeks apart and stuck his tongue right in. Tiger I tell you feeling a tongue deep in your bum is amazing. It’s ticklish, taboo, all these things. The ultimate compliment.

He begged me not to move for a minute - he just wanted to swirl that tongue around saying he wanted to taste everything about me. This guy was definitely right into me! In fact I thought has trying to crawl into my bottom! I was watching him in the bathroom mirror and his was feverish, groaning and mumbling that he’d always wanted to do this with me. It’s fabulous seeing a boy kneeling behind you with his face implanted in your arse. It’s like he is actually worshiping you. He didn’t care that he could not breathe—he just wanted his tongue tasting me, darting in and out of my hole. Damn it was getting to the point where I thought he just wanted to suck the shit out of me!

Then he suggested that I lick his own cherry ripe delicious bottom. I was so excited I got right to it, thrusting my tongue in and out of his tasty brown depth and creamy centre, and Oh my god! Up and down round and round deeper and deeper in and out I penetrated his asshole, attempting to clean him thoroughly inside as well…. I wanted to practice sucking all the yummy juices from his rear end too. The tiny beads of pre-cum glistening as they ran down his lean body combined with the running water. Mmmmm.

He had said that I had tasted like Belgian chocolate and that he had never enjoyed anyone as much as he liked me. He’s such a romantic! You just have to love an arse boy.

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