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Pump CLass with Tiger

Hello Tiger, are you there? This is Toria. I am phoning you to tell you my naughty tale. You can listen to this phone call as I tell you and tease you about what happy event occurred today. Well let me start by saying there is this hunky instructor at the gym – Ummm Hmmmm! I just want to fuck him SOoooo bad. I want to tell you all about all the things he did to me.

You know, he thinks I am so cute, and I have to admit I look pretty hot in my gym gear. Dressed in my black tight spandex pants you can imagine the shinny material going right up my slit, cunt cutters I’m sure the term is referred to, well thats what the girls say. My tiny white tank top compliments the gym bunny look. Big juicy brown nipples protrude exaggeratedly through the sheer fabric that would be enough to arouse any man. I am tall, about a hundred and seventy-one centimeters, I have got extremely long legs that look great in thigh-high boots they attract all together too much attention.

I am forever having to discourage men because so few appeal to me. I have mid length blonde curly hair and my breasts are a good well proportioned handful. They are very pleasant to look at and extremely firm. Can you Imagine your cock tiger rubbing my pert titties, sliding between them as I whisper these dirty things to you?

I want to tell you so many nasty things, I bet if you were at the gym you would eavesdrop on me and watch me flirting with other boys. Oh yes you would be hearing the perverted things I’m telling them. I’m becoming so wet between my thighs just telling you my dirty secrets. Let me finger my nipples—ohhh, I am lightly brushing them to keep them hard and stimulated , I imagine you sliding your cock up next to me and brushing it on my leg. It feels so damn good. I would like to masturbate myself, right there on the bench-press in front of the mirrors with all of those men crowding around watching me, waiting and lining up to taste and lick my most moist pussy.

I am going to put my finger on my clit right now, I just want to frigg my little cunny raw, thinking of your night stick dripping wet with my come, bulging and nasty for my pussy. If you were next to me you would not be able to stand it. You would fondle your balls rubbing them on my Spandex gym pants while admiring my well formed slender calves and legs. You would be so hot, you would be uncontrollable, like a criminal sex manic and squirt large globs of come over my tight fitting clothing.

Are your hands racking your balls right now for me tiger and massaging your cock. Can’t you tell I am in heat for that meat of yours, Come on now, let’s be naughty together while I talk to you .

I need to tell someone how much I want to suck and fuck all the guys at the gym. I want you to make me suck you, maybe while someone else fucks me in the ass, right in front of everyone. Mmmmm. Would you like that, would that be fun?

Anyway I was in the parking area outside the gym sitting in my car texting a girlfriend and after so long sitting there, I felt my knickers’ had gone up the crack of my sweaty bottom. I stood up and tugged gently on the g-string to release it from the sticky confines of my ass. It ran deep into my warm wet snatch too and I took the extra time to pull it ever so slowly out. Eventually I felt much more comfortable but now just a little horny.

Suddenly I felt a poke in the ribs and heard this voice say “What are you doing?” The way he said it he must have seen everything: he saw my long slender finger slip under my 3 quarter pants, deep below the waistband, between my legs and around, down my buttocks, to loosen the flimsy material tucked inside the musty dwelling . Can’t you smell me—I know he could by the grin slowly appearing on his face. I could smell my sticky juice on my fingertips as I raised my hand to my face in surprise. Mmmmm.

I noticed the way he drooled, looking at my glistening long gleaming cunny-smeared pink nails . My body is worth admiring baby, I am well toned with lovely long legs and luscious lips that beg to take your cock between them. I want to deep throat your swollen rod, I want your prick tickling the back of my throat, twirling my tongue over your manhood and compressing your dick-stick between my lips. Would you like me to do that to you, lick the length of your pole nibble on the edges while sucking your cockhead hungrily as well. Yum.

Anyway, back to my story. The gym instructor was in turn embarrassed and very keen big time to hang out with me. I could tell from the slight bulge in his pants…and I knew he wanted me to wrap my hand around his growing member, right then and there, take that prick and jerk it off until his libido’s content. You guys are sOooo easy to read.

Are you still there Tiger? You can hear my voice? Can you imagine my cunt, wet and creamy, squeezing your hard throbbing cock? Would you like me to rub your shaft? Get that big old thing out for me right here in the car park. Think of my hand between your legs as you hear my naughty words. If you are getting all worked up and the pressure is building in your cock head, masturbate with all that energy you have for me. I would love to help you out baby, but just pretend that I am there ,close your eyes and listen to my voice, can you see me gently sucking on your balls, licking the delicate skin beneath, stroking your cock - up and down - up and down, mmmm Good.

As for my instructor, I never had to ask why he was so intrigued with me, I knew damn well why he was here. He wanted to finger my pussy and stroke my legs all day long. That’s right, Tiger, he was after my hot little cunt! He just wanted to safely free all of his pent up load and splash his spunk juice all over my titties, Thats right, right here and now or maybe inside, in the gym dressing room and in front of all the other ladies, I am sure he would not mind an audience.

I’m sure I’ve seen him looking at me at the gym and he never appeared to really look at other girls. Besides he always made a point of asking how my training was going. He would always comment that I would do really well in the body-sculpting contests. He even said I would master the beautiful bum contests. Not professional, but lovely to hear. I have two hot, beautiful, firm and glorious peachy bum cheeks that any man would just dream of kissing slowly, or maybe giving me a little spanking if I was naughty, which I always am. Then, with your hand you could follow the deep smooth line of my bum right down my crack and slide between my legs to my dripping pussy cunt lips.

I liked him and the thought of him touching me—the way you are thinking of touching me right now, made me shiver. I gave him the line that I was interested in entering a body-building contest and needed his very personal, advice. He was at my place that night. Easy as that.

You know this guy is hot—a one-boy heat wave and I was intending to get sun-burnt. Within a minute of him arriving, we were in the bathroom and I was pulling his huge floppy member from his red silk boxer shorts which had fallen in a crumple heap onto the floor. Soon, we were in the shower. I couldn’t help myself—I was soaping that tough lean body of his and soon after, his rather impressive cock and balls. I didn’t mind good foreplay if it means a night of cunt draining orgasms!

It’s so hard to find a man who can keep up with my rampant appetites. I tell you, that feeling is beautiful. A cock that is slowly swelling, the smoothness of it, growing harder by the second. You rub the head - and along with the warmth of the water and the kissing—it’s magic. You can’t imagine how wonderful and heavy a semi-erect cock can feel. You see it growing, feel it stiffening, knowing that it is going to fill you almost to bursting. With well practiced efficiency I continued to massage his swollen cock and it certainly produced the desired effects. It is almost better than the sex itself, teasing and toying with it watching my fingers slip over his swollen skin. Fervently slipping my soapy hand all around the groin area, ecstatic swirls, coating his rampant cock with a slimly blanket of heavy moisture and bubbles.

But I couldn’t believe what happened next. I didn’t really want to let that cock out of my sight, but he said he wanted to soap my back and my bum. There’s not a girl alive who wouldn’t want that and I am always prepared to compromise. He started slowly working his way down my back whilst cooing in my ear about my skin, how he loved it’s smoothness and the soft olive tone. Music I tell you. His hands are a little rough from the weights but he was gentle - like a kitten’s tongue. But then he started rubbing and nuzzling my bum and soaping my crack. Interesting I thought. I knew full well that he loved my bum. And then “Bang”, it felt like I’d been tasered!!!

It was his tongue in my arse! No warning…just a rock-hard tongue tasting me! After I scraped myself off the ceiling I stuck my bum out and let him go to town. He rimmed and licked me like a demon. Then he went one better, oh my god, no-one has done this before—he really pulled my cheeks apart and stuck his tongue right in. Tiger I tell you feeling a tongue deep in your bum is amazing. It’s ticklish, taboo, all these things. The ultimate compliment.

He begged me not to move for a minute - he just wanted to swirl that tongue around saying he wanted to taste everything about me. This guy was definitely right into me! In fact I thought has trying to crawl into my bottom! I was watching him in the bathroom mirror and his was feverish, groaning and mumbling that he’d always wanted to do this with me. It’s fabulous seeing a boy kneeling behind you with his face implanted in your arse. It’s like he is actually worshiping you. He didn’t care that he could not breathe—he just wanted his tongue tasting me, darting in and out of my hole. Damn it was getting to the point where I thought he just wanted to suck the shit out of me!

Then he suggested that I lick his own cherry ripe delicious bottom. I was so excited I got right to it, thrusting my tongue in and out of his tasty brown depth and creamy centre, and Oh my god! Up and down round and round deeper and deeper in and out I penetrated his asshole, attempting to clean him thoroughly inside as well…. I wanted to practice sucking all the yummy juices from his rear end too. The tiny beads of pre-cum glistening as they ran down his lean body combined with the running water. Mmmmm.

He had said that I had tasted like Belgian chocolate and that he had never enjoyed anyone as much as he liked me. He’s such a romantic! You just have to love an arse boy.

I normally don’t like doing this but God this was earthy and sensual. The poor boy moaned and I knew I had hit the spot. I also had a great view of the cock that was soon to be my best friend. It was getting enormous and I had to use all my will power not to grab it, rubbing it over my lips and face. I love to rub a cock over my face, teasing it with my lips, gently biting it, holding it with both hands. Life’s good isn’t it Tiger? By now, he was starting to struggle so we hurriedly dried off. Without a word he just scooped me up ( He was sooo strong!) and lay me gently on the bed. He then parted my legs and kissed my thighs, slowly working his way to his destination. Shit—I was wet. I tell you tiger, I was more tsunami than woman by now!

He placed his face straight on my pussy and it was like one beaver to another. He was building the dam that was about to break! My clit was becoming embarrassingly large but that seemed to make him keener. He nibbled and flicked his tongue over it .He was good. His face was so covered in my juices that you thought he had just run 10 marathons. In the end, I couldn’t help myself…I just squirted everywhere. It almost killed me. No wonder the French call it “ la petitte mal” - the small death.

After a minute or two (it might have been an hour) I looked at him and then grabbed his cock. He was looking so sweet - wondering if he had pleased me silly boy! I got him to straddle my thighs. His cock was hard and the pre-cum was slowly oozing again—I wanted more. I kissed the tip and then slowly stroked him, telling him that he had better be as fit as he looked because I wanted at least 3 servings of cum that night. I warned him that his cock had better make itself familiar with my pussy, that I liked to be stretched and pleased, that his tongue had better make my arse-hole happy again otherwise it would be one performance only. His eyes dulled over followed by a groan and Tiger you would not believe the cum. Three long ropes snaked across my stomach and boobies. I reckon each one was about 8 inches long. He collapsed liked a beached whale and I spent a happy 5 minutes using a finger to drip his cum into my mouth. Double cream..yummy. Tiger…tiger. Are you still there? Hello tiger? Hello again.