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Nymphomaniac Nurse Nancy

I Hope you enjoy reading this. Actually… anyone who has been to visit me knows this is steamy action straight from the bedroom itself, Oh yesSss - Try listening in audio - HOT !

Hi my name is Nancy and I want you to know I am wet, willing and waiting to take care of all your needs. I am a very mischievous nurse and I have been instructed by the good doctor to make sure all the patients who visit me here at the private clinic are very well look after. I love being a nurse and customer care is my highest priority.

When I greet you I will be wearing shortest of nurses uniforms, the red trim of hem hanging just below my buxom buttocks, Oh my – my crisp clean white nurses outfit tightly hugs my big well rounded DD breasts and snuggles in just perfectly to my tiny size 8 waist. I like wearing my outfit very short so the doctor and the patients can peep up my smock to glimpse my underwear. This keeps them all happily occupied and me amused for hours as I tease them. I lean down and give them flashes of my titties too.

The good doc loves to take advantage of me and do naughty things to me in the medical cabinet room – that’s when he can take the time out of his busy schedule. He is quite demanding. Sometimes as we walk down the hall, he just grabs me, shoving me up against the wall, lifting my smock and shoving his hard thermometer deep into me for a good (rogering )and tongue fucking. He kisses my neck and bites my big titties as he slides his ticklish beard down and in between my wet slit making my snatch gush all over his pointy nose darting into my pink bits as he make me giggle, He pulls on my waist length pony tail for support as he vigorously give me a quick ass licking from behind when I was withb Cebu City escort. He is such a devious and dirty doctor. He gropes my tits or slides a hand up onto my ass right in front of all the patients to. Everyone stares as he pokes a finger deep into my cunt and slides it back and forth making me moan. It’s embarrassing and exciting all at the same time.

Will you come a visit me here please at the clinic, I would like you as my private patient I hope you cock is stiffing and dripping with sexy man-juice for me I want your cock swelling and straining on the confines of your garment at all times whilst you are in my care. I want you to dream about all the dirty nasty things I am going to do with you. Whenever I see you I will reach down and give you a squeeze, promises of things to come.

Now the good Doctor travels a lot and I have to amuse myself if you know what I mean when he is away. When he is gone and I am all alone on the night shift I like to go and check on all the male patients. I will tell you why they like me here on the nightshift. First, I have some business to attend to at my station. I will just take a seat for a short while to relax and pamper myself. I spread my lovely dreamy white legs wide apart for you, my fishnets are tickling my legs as the lace band only come up to the top of my lean thighs, I am quite short, standing at five foot two so that gives me a perfect advantage to service all my patients and with minimal discomfort. Before I start my shift I give my little crumpet a quick twist, right here and under this big old white desk. I may turn on the microphone at my station and give everyone a verbal show. I want them to hear as I talk dirty and play with myself right here at work to kill the long hours away.

Next, it’s time to make my rounds. I know just what you want and I know how to give it to you. If you were my patient I would take you into the cubicle and get you to remove all your clothes immediately. The shower could wait till later as I have an urgent need to inspect the affected area. I would ask you to lie down on the hospital bed while I draw the curtains.

Taking the stethoscope I would check your heart beat, while gently nibbling on your nipples, my teeth and tongue flicking over them making them hard. I am a very naughty nurse. Once I have given you the all clear I will then proceed to check the lower region. I would take your manhood in my hand at once – and suggest that you try and relax as this checkup will be very through indeed. I can see the pre-cum glistening on your cock as I start to massage it away, but really I am just itching to taste that delicious tear drop and squeeze every last bead of juice out between that deep slit in your cock. My fingers slide down your shaft to its base and I squeeze. You are sooo big! Feel my hot breath on your man-meat, mmmm you taste yummy I could just suck you off all day - here behind the flimsy curtain.

I take my tongue and slide it across the tip of your swollen dick before my lips spread open and I start to slide you into my mouth. Christ your cock is so big for me to get my mouth round - and your balls are so enormous - are they loaded with heavy come for my quivering cunt. Enjoy as I deep throat your cock taking in every last inch, in and out sliding and slippery - your dribble- your spunk, oozing dripping lightly down my throat as I ravishingly lick the length of your pole. I want to taste every last drop of your precious cum—its scents and flavor’s are coating every inch of mouth. You grab me by the hair holding me down, my mouth so full of you. You are deep-throating my face. I long to swallow every ounce of fluid you could give me but it is imperative that I give you full examination, so, finally, you release me and I reluctantly remove my mouth from your penis.

I would now insist that you turn over and place your bottom in the air with your legs straddled on the bed doggie style. Inspecting your anus looks to be quite tasty - as that chocolate star fish looks very inviting. Upon splashing some oil over your buttock and massaging them firmly to make sure you a comfortable for the internal milking I then proceed to circle your sensitive hole with KY jelly. Retrieving my latex glove from the cabinet next to the bed I slip the thin plastic on to my slender fingers and then gently I insert my pinky into your most delicate area checking to see that all is well. First the small finger, then a second one: two fingers. Now 3 fingers…can you take 4? I can tell by the moan emulating from your voice you are quite excited and you love the delicious things I am doing to you. I am fondling your balls while playing with your prostrate. I feel like fringing my cunny right at this moment.

Can you feel my tits, inside my sheer latex nurse outfit as I slide them back and forth across your ass and back. I can tell by the sounds of your moans what filthy things you would love to do to me if the tables were reversed. I am getting so excited hearing your panting breath. The patients tell me they would like to slide their hands up my latex covered thighs, past my mound of Venus, slowly savoring the moment. They want to slide their hands inside my bright red teddy to cuddle my jiggling breasts, squeezing and pinching them. The material of my teddy is so thin, more a lace covering, that has special little holes so my nipples can peak through and show the edges outlined on my white uniform. It’s all true you know. My boobies are that big and when I squeeze them playfully with my long red nails, they start throbbing and get real hard. My tittles swell and they get even bigger, enormous actually.

In and out deeper and deeper round and round my fingers probe exploring well inside your tight ass. It seems so dirty of us to be doing this. Maybe I will give you a little bed bath and soap up that inviting cherry ripe . I am sure you wouldn’t mind if I poked my in tongue deep inside as well - tasting that chocolate Belgium butt. Being a hygienic and safe nurse the necessary precautions would apply and I would love to surprise you with my glad cling delight, running my tongue all around that sensitive area and cleaning the creamy depth inside - licking – sucking - penetrating . I am a very thorough nurse.

I also have some other interesting objects I would like to insert up there. I could give it to you real good, I can plunge my toys in and out of your cute bottom. Maybe even put on my strap-on so I can give you a hard and fast fucking. I have such a huge collection here in my cabinet drawer; a blue penetrator that would produce the most lovely feelings. Sliding in and out, watching it, covered with a selection of KY jelly and baby oil and spit. That view would be most entertaining as I watch the thick liquid drip slimily down my toy onto my hand.

My clear instrument would deliver all together quite another sensation along with wobble red butt plug and other toys. Can you imagine me doing these naughty things to you? I retract my fingers and roll you over in to the sitting position before we have any untimely explosions. That’s quite enough bum exploring for now.

Unzipping my white shinny latex outfit, I step out of the flimsy garment. Reaching my hands behind my back, I skillfully unclip the clear plastic catch, my skimpy teddy falls to the floor. Now standing nearly naked before you, only my black fishnet stockings still on, I take your penis in my hand as I bend down and rub it’s tip across my hard, pink nipples—the feel of your knob, slipping over my sensitive luv- buds and in between my firm breast -its lovely and very rewarding and so horny see the excitement on your face. I put your ramrod hard shaft between my large fleshy boobs and squeeze, sliding you back and forth, tit-fucking me till you can barely stand it.

My clitoris is swollen and in urgent need of satisfaction too. With one hand, I slide the palm of my hand to my snatch and begin to insert my fingers, moving up and down the inside of my full vagina lips fondling the delicate pinkness deep inside my wet hole. I am always soaked through after attending to a patient.

I climb up onto the hospital bed and run the head of your hard cock across my swollen cunt lips, into the opening of my exposed sex, slipping my pussy along the line of your thigh. I so need to pleasure myself and get rid of some of my pent up frustration . Even as I slide down, engulfing you, your hands reaching up to grab my sensitive breasts and squeeze them till I scream, I feel our mutual explosions cum together, crashing waves of bone shuddering orgasm. I can feel a warm sticky release, a hot flush all of my sexual frustration is squirted on to you, gushing loads of love juice. Mmmmm, It drips down your leg splashing on your feet—you in turn come in bucket loads, rivers of spunk juice fill me and flow out down my legs that still straddle your cock. We both are filled with that moment of oneness and hold it as long as possible. Finally, you release my swollen breasts and I slide, slowly and sensually off you.

Having extracted the specimen the visit is now over. Mmmm and I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to choose this private facility for your check up. Good day Sir (Giggle Giggle).