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Naughty Schoolgirl

Hello there Mr. Smith my name is Candise but you can call me Candy. Well that’s what Daddy and Mommy call me anyway. I’m a little old to be calling them that, but I like to. Mr. Smith do come inside the house and have a seat.

The school has notified my parents that you will be coming over daily to give me some after-hour tutoring. You have been highly recommended by the board as a safe, efficient and respectable man. As a qualified teacher my Mommy and Daddy are more than happy to leave me in your care. Mr. Smith I am aware that I have been such a bad girl at school and detention was just - not sufficient.

The after-hours tutor caught me behind the bike shed with three boys when I should have been walking home. I just wanted to take a look at them, sneak a quick peek and play with their snakes. I’ve heard so any rumors at school - that down there – they are called all sort of interesting things ,- and I was so curious too find out more , The latest saying is, purple headed custard chuckers, I love custard and cream.

Was it such a bad thing to do Mr. Smith ? Tasting all those lollipops and snakes after school. They all wanted me to taste them and my tongue was licking so fast—my mouth was full as they all tried to feed me their snakes at the same time. My lips were so stretched and my cheeks so full. The delicious creamy stuff exploded from the swollen soft heads and dribble all over my chin, covering my ripe pink pouting lips and onto my cute white cotton blouse – it ran down my cleavage and onto my full bodied barley covered titties. My little Davao City escort bow-tied tight top hardly covers my expanding bosom and all the boys tried to help, rubbing their hands all over me, trying to clean me up.

Those boys really like me at school and there wickedly wonderful delicious juice just squirted everywhere , (giggle-giggle), all over my face and deep down my throat. All three of those boys were trying to splash there deserts into my mouth- and at the same time too ! I so wanted to taste all there scents and flavors. It was fun I was giggling and laughing, It was so yummy.

I am not quite sure why I am a naughty school but I am sure you are going to show me why Sir? “Mr Smith” It’s just that I am coming of age now and my boobies are heavy and full, swelling and firm, my white tiny sports bra can barley contain my expanding assets. Look ! My large breasts just ooze over the sides as there is such minimal material. Here, let me take your hand and let you see how ripe and big I’m getting. Ufgh! That’s nice. Squeeze them just a little.

I am growing so fast Sir, my long striking red hair, starling green eyes and athletic figure making me quite a catch at the school and especially with my height at 5’8,- look at my short checked skirt, black and white with the black trim I do like the bright white socks and slight heel on my black school shoes as well, I feel sexy- I love teasing the boys, bending over to show off my juicy snatch my soft plush lips eagerly nuzzling against the frilly material of my cute panties. A lot of the boys at school like to play with the girls and us with the boys in return, as I am too old to play with my dolly’s now- as you can see.

Mr. Smith my pussycat is always tingling and wanting to be petted. I have developed into quite a tasty young teenager don’t you think? Mr. Smith I pray you do not mind too much but can we please—please have our first lesson on sexual education. It just that I have heard funny noise s coming from Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom late at night - a buzzing and vibrating sounds. They seen to be talking in some kind of muffled secret code, something to do with gardening. The snake goes into the garden and gets lost in the bush, there lots of groaning and squealing trying to locate the evil beast.

Let’s go, come with me into the bedroom and have a look in the drawer . Maybe you can help explain the phenomena. Oh Mr. Smith - Mr. Smith there they all are green-snakes, blue-snakes, red-snakes plastic - clear snakes and skin colored ones as well, Why there are so many to choose from. My parents have such neat toys don’t you think.

Mommy and daddy share all their toys with their friends when they have guests visiting and because you are so nice to me Mr. Smith I want to share them with you. Here let’s play with this one. It’s my mothers. I’m sure she will not mind. Let’s put it back in its hiding place when we are finished. Thank you so much sir for allowing me this naughty lesson. This is definitely our little secret “hehe”

It looks amusing doesn’t it. Let’s just push this button here. Wow that buzzing sound it so cool. I feel like giggling when it tickles my hand. Look at it vibrating and wriggling around shaking it body I just love the way it feels. It’s a bad evil snake Mr. Smith. I must tell you a tale—actually I have been playing with Mommy and Daddies toys for a while now, I was just too shy to tell anyone. The way it’s moving and humming reminds me of when I used to get a feather and tickle my tummy running the softness all over my body. Sometimes I’d run it across my swelling breasts and nipples and it felt so good. They would get very hard and stick out.

It also reminds me of the boys at school. Sometimes I let them touch or kiss me—down there—you know where I mean. See, I’ll just bend over a little, like this—and my skirt rides up right over my soft round bottom. The boys like that and I like being touched by their soft as silk lips- tongues darting about in and out!

HMMMMM, Just like I may let you touch me.

When I am alone I like to fantasize that I have an audience, like in the classroom. I get all my old toys out of the closet; Teddy, Skippy, Barbie, Ken—all of them. I set them all up in a big circle on the bed and I lift my dress up - just like this, all the way to my waist- Can you see my belly button? I remove my clean crisp panties so I am completely naked down there and then I perform a little show for my toy friends. They are very observant and do not miss a trick.

I want you to watch now Mr. Smith. I know you want to. I have seen you spying on me as I run past your class room in the school yard, you watch me doing jumping jacks in my sports gear - those tiny shorts and half cut tops- it’s so hot doing physical actives. You are naughty Sir you always rush outside when I jog by. I know you like trying to catch glimpses of my cute little bum in green shorty’s . Take a seat over here Mr. Smith on this big lounge chair opposite the bed.

If you like please join in and do bring your chair closers so you can have a good view. Can we now try this big snakey thingy - look its squiggling past my sock and all the way up my leg, over my knees and along my young firm legs and naturally toned muscles of a young girl to the top of my pussy-cat. And do you know what’s inside the pussy-cat don’t you Mr. Smith? Its tongue, pink protruding and warm—have you ever seen a girls pink bits and felt how soft it is? Let me take your finger and slide it inside. Oh look Mr. Smith, they have vanished – your fingers have been swallowed up into my throbbing flesh – OH MY—what’s the other finger doing sliding over up my firm white bum and into my— OHHHH, you pushed it into my poop hole Mr. Smith. Ugh, it’s sooo tight and full. It hurts a little—but in a good way. Move it around a little, mmmm, that’s better. Now I can feel both your fingers inside me. Rub them together please, ohhh- mmmm, that feels neat two fingers touching each other internally. Yum!

Mommy’s toy felt nice, purring up there but you feel very good. Do you like what you are doing to me? I bet you do Sir. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that we are playing with my pussy. It will be just our secret. Ooooh, it does feel so good to have both fingers deep in me.

Correct me if I am wrong sir- at any time as I am not up to date on the female genitalia. I noticed it flushes a deep red when I gush—I watch all the juices leak from my delicate sensitized hole. It just runs straight down my leg and they are very tasty in my mouth, when I go to lick my finger clean. The big dressing room mirror at the side of the bed gives me a great view as well of my little cunny bunny. Maybe later I can lick your fingers clean

What do you think of my tight curly thatch of hair just perfect trim and pretty sitting atop my “Mound of Venus.”—that’s what the boys at school tell me, that I am a goddess of pleasure - how cute- they spoil me. When I pull my pussy lips right apart I see my vulva, I then pull this little hood back right here to find my clitoris, Is that the correct button Sir? Right here? This small pointy tip - it looks just like a little diddle. I massage it while the boys watch—sometimes I let them fiddle with it. I writhe all over when we play with it, just like when I’m on my bed with Mommy’s toy.

It feels so good but I don’t understand why I am so wet—can you explain it to me Sir? Will you take your finger out and push that buzzing toy into me Mr. Smith and let’s see what happens. Golly gosh that feel so good - push it into my quivering seashell deep and slow- oh and thank you so much - down there and move it just over here – and there just for a little while longer - I so want to feel it brushing my clitoris…my diddle, backwards and forwards in and out—Ooohh!—up-and down. Yes! I am just getting so moist – with the toy sliding in and out of me. Now take that toy over there the one will the prickly spikes and rub it against my spouting tulips - I will rub my breasts and my clitty. Do you like this explicit dance I am doing just for you in the privacy of my parent’s bedroom?

I am a naughty school girl aren’t I after all? No one will ever know our little secret Mr. Smith Purrrrrr, Would you like to put a real hot live snake in me one day Sir? I won’t tell my girlfriends and the toys would never say a word. There, There Mr. Smith this must be so torturous for you having so many young ladies to educate and after school hours as wells. Please slide the next toy in for me white I rub my sweet little luvbud. Maybe you would be so kind as to bring you mouth close to my slit as I could really use some of your saliva on my quivering button to keep me wet and well lubricated. Now slide this toy in, Oops that’s Ken’s head (giggle) - Mr. Smith you silly teacher—Ooohh—but but I like it.

Oh my- Oh no – Yesssss- No one will know, go on slide him in all the way in there and ever so slowly, hold him there just like that Ummmmmm. That feels so good. The way you are jiggling him around in there - it feels – wonderful- Is Ken eating my cream and drinking my love juice and lapping at my flavors. Yummy. Now take another toy that red jelly butt plug over there- Hold it tightly Hmmmm- Quickly side it in and out . Did you hear that noise - I think I hear a shuffling at the door - maybe my Parents are home early. Quick, Slowly- a little faster- Oh- Yes -Yes -Yes, Take - take that clear plastic one there and slide it up my bottom, Yes that’s it- all the way up my glorious young white ass and into my poopy hole. Ohhhhh yessssss yessssss yesssssss Sir !!!

Thank you for helping me today with sexual education, you are so much fun to study with and such a good, kind, nice teacher -Oh Yes indeed- in and out and both of my holes are vibrating - and at the same time to- I can feel them inside of me, you are an expert at playing with Mommies toys Mr. Smith, Oh my its -sooo – good. Oh my I am going to gush . Oh- I’m- I’m – hear- I’m yes yes Oh – ahhhhhh—YES! Oh my!!. That was so kind of you. Do you see how much I like to share myself around at school? I am so in demand. Next time when you come over Sir I want you to take your pants off. I want you to turn over and spread your legs so I can show you exactly what Barbie does to Ken with my Mommy and Daddies toys. “Hehe”